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At ShoreLoc Design Group, we take pride in our commitment to providing user-friendly Wall Block Designs with the user in mind. As a woman-owner business with over 3 decades of experience in the industry, we've honed our expertise to ensure that our wall block designs are second to none. We understand that our clients value exceptional designs and our uniquely patented wall block locking technology makes it easy for quick & strong assembly. Trust ShoreLoc for walls that look amazing, assemble easy, and last the tests of time. Contact us today to learn more, and see how ShoreLoc Design Group will exceed your design & assembly expectations.

Changing the Landscape of Hardscapes

Our mission is simple: to offer top-quality, beautiful wall blocks designed that assemble easy, look great and last the tests of time. We offer comprehensive designs for a diverse range of applications. We believe our designs and products should not only meet the highest standards of durability and performance, but they should also be easy to install. This core principle has made us a preferred choice in the industry, and our wall block designers are here to provide you with exceptional service and support.

The Shoreloc Advantage

What sets us apart is the seamless blend of user-friendly wall block products and outstanding customer support. Our wall blocks are designed to be user-friendly for anyone interested in enhancing their commercial & residential properties.

We understand that ease of installation is a top priority for both experienced professionals and DIY projects. With ShoreLoc Design Group, you’ll find our wall blocks make your job easier and more efficient.

Our wall blocks do not rely on clips or pins to interlock. Each block has built-in interlock fronts, making installation more efficient and the end result far more sturdy and resilient. Our diverse wall block designs allow for convex and concave curves with no modifications necessary.

Our wall blocks are licensed, manufactured, and sold all over the world. Contact us today to learn where you can purchase ShoreLoc Interlocking Wall Blocks.

Serving Diverse Needs

Our Clients Include Developers, Contractors & Trades Professionals, DIY Project Enthusiasts, Engineers, Architects, and Designers.

Our Wall Blocks Meet the Diverse Needs of:


Providing solutions for large-scale projects, ensuring stability, and resilience.

DIY Projects

Making it easy for you to enhance your outdoor space.

Engineers and Architects

Offering designs that meet your specifications and design requirements.

Erosion Control Specialists

Supporting efforts to combat erosion and maintain soil integrity.

Geo-Grids and Drainage Control

Products that aid in soil retention, erosion control, and drainage management.

Our Range of Designs

ShoreLoc Design Group Offers a Wide Range of Solutions that Include:

Retaining Wall Blocks


Sea Walls

Terrace Walls


Fire Pit and Outdoor Kitchen Blocks

Levee Systems

Waste Water Management

Permeable Pavers

Environmental Products

Carbon-Friendly Products

Freestanding and Reinforced Walls

Gravity Walls

Soil Retention

The Shoreloc Promise

Our commitment goes beyond offering exceptional block designs; it extends to the service and support we provide. Our wall block designs are licensed and manufactured worldwide. Our team is ready to assist you with technical specs, recommendations, and even customized design needs. 

When you choose ShoreLoc Design Group, you’re choosing a partner that values the user experience, durability, and sustainability. We’re proud to offer designs that make your projects easier and more successful.

For the best in wall block designs and solutions, contact ShoreLoc Design Group today to learn more about our unique and diverse product lines.

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